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Your wedding day will be filled with moments that reveal the emotions, the commitment, the traditions, and unexpected surprises that make your day yours. We use a photojournalism approach to create a photo story that narrates YOUR day – not prescriptive wedding coverage. We are able to spend the entire day with you, from before anything starts until after everyone is gone. We have over 10 years combined experience working for local newspaper, magazines commercial clientele.

We don’t set up photo or interfere with your wedding. We consider it a privilege to be there and capture your experience. We work quietly to document moments that are genuine. Your day will be unique, and it is our intent to show not only what happened, but also the depth of the emotions behind the events.

We love documentary photojournalism because the photos are real. That said, we also take formal portraits. Some couples want journalistic photos of their wedding and think about skipping the formals. After shooting over 300 weddings, our experience has been years later, it’s really important to have formals because they provide a record of life, which is constantly changing. We do them as quickly as possible, and believe it is important.

Please feel free to call us and discuss your wedding. Choosing a photographer is a big decision, and we are happy to discuss any questions. We would appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your wedding.

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